About Us

VMAC’s Mission is to provide information on alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention, as well as healthy lifestyle choices to all members of the Verona community. The Committee welcomes suggestions and requests from individuals and partnerships with other civic organizations that share our mission. The Committee will review any program funding requests that fall within our grant requirements.

Together we can make a difference in the safety and health of our community.

Board and Committee Members
Colin Boyle (Chair)
Ann Jocelyn (Grant Coordinator)
Julianne Boyle (Recording Secretary)

Township Liaison
Rosanne Bornstein

Town Council Liaison
Alex Roman

Public Members
Stacie Ackerman
Will Battersby
Wendi Caplan-Carrol
Mindy Frey
Lynn Halsey
Kimberly Williams Manis
Suzanne Simpson
Jackie Trujillo
Stacy Williamson

Student Assistance Counselor and District Liason
Dana Lustig, LSW, SAC

School Club Advisors
DREAM Team – Meredith Bielen and MaryAnn Halbert
HBW Peers Leaders – Stephanie Lijoi and Stacey Smith
Heroes & Cool Kids – Tricia Hemsley-Cartotto and Angela Salisbury
VHS Peer Leadership – Jennifer Erico and Michelle Della Fortuna

Verona Police Department Liaison
Det. Joel Martin