The Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC) has provided educational programming and prevention outreach to the citizens of Verona since 1989.  Our funding comes from a grant through the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse with matching funds from the Township of Verona.

VMAC sponsors programs in collaboration with the Board of Education, Verona Community Center, Health & Recreation Departments, Verona Police Department and local community groups.

Dinner Does Make a Difference- VMAC Family Night

The purpose of Family Night is to provide Verona families a cleared schedule to enjoy quality time with each other. Family mealtime is an effective tool in fostering family unity and helping children and adolescents remain substance free. Dinner does make a difference!.

VMAC thanks our local businesses for their ongoing support.

This year’s winners of the VMAC Family Night Poster Contest are HBW students, Maura Field and Gwyneth Saltarelli. Their artwork is used on VMAC Family Night posters, as well as VMAC-sponsored social media accounts. Each winner was awarded gift certificates from our sponsors, Lakeside Deli and The Towne Scoop.

Take the SAFE HOMES Pledge

SAFE HOMES is a program that empowers parents and guardians to create a community of like-minded people who pledge to not allow underage alcohol and drug use in their homes and on their property.

In preparation for SAFE HOMES Month, November, VMAC asks you to read and take the pledge.