Verona Family Night

Eating Out

The next Verona Family Night is scheduled on Thursday, March 9, 2023.

Scheduled Night to be Free of Schedules

Verona Family Night began in 2003 as a “Scheduled Night to be Free of Schedules.” With the support of the Board of Education, Town Council, Recreation Department and OLL, VMAC schedules two family nights during the school year (one in March and one in October). As of 4pm on each Family Night, all meetings and activities are suspended so that families will not be interrupted. That means there are no VCC programs, school athletics or town meetings. Verona students also have a night free of homework.

Local restaurants and eateries offer special discounts for families who don’t want to cook at home on Family Night. Coupons for these discounts are available on Verona School District’s Friday Folder, Verona Community Center, and Town Hall.

The purpose of Family Night is to provide Verona families a cleared schedule to enjoy quality time with each other. It’s a simple reminder of the importance of family time. Family mealtime is an effective tool in fostering family unity and helping children and adolescents remain substance free.

Poster Contest

Each year, VMAC asks the students of HBW Middle School to submit their own designs for a Family Night Poster. The winners have their designs made into the official posters for Family Night. Posters are displayed in all schools, the Verona Library, Town Hall, Community Center and all participating Family Night restaurants.

Congratulations to the winners of the H. B. Whitehorne Middle School 2022 Family Night poster contest: Maura Field and Gwyneth Saltarelli.

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