Verona Municipal Alliance Committee

The Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC) provides educational programming and prevention outreach to the citizens of Verona. Its funding comes from a grant through the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse with matching funds from the Township of Verona. VMAC was authorized by the Township of Verona in 1989 to promote the prevention efforts of the State of NJ at the community level.

 Hidden In Plain Site – Tuesday, March 31st 7pm – Verona Community Center

Verona Municipal Alliance will host “Hidden in Plain Sight” on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 7PM at the Verona Community Center in the Ballroom. Presented by the Center for Prevention and Counseling, this educational exhibit to prevent youth drug use is suitable for parents, other adult community members and any adult who works or cares about young people. An actual simulation of a teenager’s bedroom will be on display for participants to observe, becoming familiar with where and how teens might hide drugs or paraphernalia. Seemingly innocent items, commonly used by youth, could actually indicate a substance abuse problem. This awareness event will allow adults to be more proactive in helping a young person who might be using drugs. Hear from school counselors, prevention specialists, law enforcement and a lawyer about local drug trends and how to prevent youth substance abuse.Hidden in Plain Sight - Verona
Would you be able to recognize signs of use and intervene before they become impossible to ignore? Don’t leave it to chance! A proactive attendee at a recent presentation had this to say: “I am a Registered Nurse working in a pediatric office, my children are grown but I attended to see what is new in the neighborhood. It was as real eye opener and I took back a lot of information to the office with me.”
For more information, please contact Tina Thompson at The Center at (973)383-4787 or email

 VMAC News

HBW Dream Team Participates in 2 Great Community Service Projects
October 13-17

JDRF Flyer 2014

Verona Fights Hunger Week: Students at HBW will bring food donations to homeroom this week in support of the Junior Woman’s of Verona Club food drive.  The class that collects the most donations wins a bagel breakfast.

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) Walk to Cure Diabetes will take place in gym class on Friday, October 17th.  Students will bring donations to their gym teacher any day this week and walk on Friday to join the campaign to end juvenile diabetes.