Verona Municipal Alliance Committee

The Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC) provides educational programming and prevention outreach to the citizens of Verona. Its funding comes from a grant through the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse with matching funds from the Township of Verona. VMAC was authorized by the Township of Verona in 1989 to promote the prevention efforts of the State of NJ at the community level.

Parents Who Host…
Lose the MostParents Who Host

VMAC wants to remind parents that New Jersey law holds you legally accountable if alcohol is served to underage persons in your home.  New Jersey Law states that the legal age for purchase, possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage is 21 years of age or older.  Although it is legal for parents to choose to serve their own children on their property, it is illegal to serve alcoholic beverages to others under the age of 21.  The maximum penalty is $1000 fine and 6 months in jail.


Positive Parenting Presentation

Connie Pifher, Verona's Health & Social Services Program Coordinator, introduces speaker Tom Palermo

Connie Pifher, Verona’s Health & Social Services Program Coordinator, introduces speaker Tom Palermo

On Thursday, April 24th, Verona parents came to the Verona Community Center to watch speaker Tom Palermo, president of Positive Parenting and Executive Director / Founder of Families First.  Tom’s presentation “Parenting Preteens and Teens” was sponsored by VMAC in cooperation with Verona Community Services.

Among the topics included in the presentation:

  • Why Teenagers Do What They Do?
  • Strategies to Talk with Your Teen and Stay Informed
  • Understanding Your Child’s Struggle with Independence and Identity
  • Ways to Assist Your Child in Developing Their Own Values

Click here to view the video of Tom’s presentation.



HBW Dream Team Update

The Dream Team started 2014 with the “Pasta for Pennies” Campaign – a nationwide program that raises funds that go towards the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Sponsored by the “Olive Garden,” proceeds collected are used to fund research and support young people afflicted with this terrible disease.
For three weeks homerooms generously brought in pennies and “more” working towards our school goal of raising $1200. The winning homeroom was promised a free lunch provided by the “Olive Garden.”

Ms. Gasalberti’s  5th Grade Homeroom raised  over $1000.00 for Pasta for Pennies

Ms. Gasalberti’s 5th Grade Homeroom raised over $1000.00 for Pasta for Pennies

The response was “overwhelming.” In just one week, HBW surpassed its school goal by raising $2300.  With the wonderful generosity of the HBW community, they were able to raise a total of over $6000!

In addition, on Tuesday, February 11th, the Dream Team hosted a Valentine’s Day workshop making cards for senior citizens.  The Dream Team is also looking for talented artists to enter the Family Night Poster Contest sponsored by VMAC.